LSD Microdose Mints


40 LSD microdose mints by Earthly Microdosing. Each mint has been dosed with 5mcg. Formulated by professionals.

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In a recent study published in NeuroImage, Researchers uncovered that the the psychedelic state induced with LSD seems to reduce or weaken the connection between anatomical brain structure and functional connectivity. Their report also provides evidence that LSD increases the complexity of segregated brain states.

These findings provide new insights into the relationship between brain function and consciousness.

Microdosing is the act of taking small amounts of psychedelic drugs in order to produce subtle changes in cognition and perception, without any of the associated effects that would normally accompany a stimulant or hallucinogen. Microdosers report that these doses have an effect on their mood, ability to focus, creativity, intellectual performance, work habits and general wellbeing.


LSD Microdose Mints are created by Earthly Microdosing, a Vancouver based company who specialise in microdosing products. Each mint contains 5mcg of LSD so it is around 20 times less potent than your average street acid tabs. LSD Microdose Mints are made up of peppermint altoid flavour.


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