/ / / Hofmann’s LSD-25 Liquid (300ug per bottle | 1ug/1drop)

Hofmann’s LSD-25 Liquid (300ug per bottle | 1ug/1drop)


1 drop = 1 ug
300ug per bottle.
20 micrograms of LSD per ml.

Rigorously tested for QA and bottled to perfection. Digest the whole bottle in a single endeavour if you please, use to micro-dose, or perhaps somewhere in between. Whatever your decision, trust that with Hofmann’s, you’re getting the safest and best quality, pure LSD-25 as possible.

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True LSD-25 synthesized by professional chemists (PhD) in a professional grade laboratory. An ode to LSD-25 purists, the quality of product put out by Hofmann’s is unparalleled.


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