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  • LSD Tabs (Micro/Macro)


    LSD tabs / squares / blotters. The microdose tabs have 5mcg of LSD per tab, the macro dose have 120mcg of LSD per tab.

    LSD Microdose Tabs come with 50 squares, LSD Macro dose Tabs come with 10. DOSE RESPONSIBLY! LSD is very potent. Do not take more than 1 macro tab at a time!

  • LSD Microdose Mints


    40 LSD microdose mints by Earthly Microdosing. Each mint has been dosed with 5mcg. Formulated by professionals.

  • Hofmann’s LSD-25 Liquid (300ug per bottle | 1ug/1drop)


    1 drop = 1 ug
    300ug per bottle.
    20 micrograms of LSD per ml.

    Rigorously tested for QA and bottled to perfection. Digest the whole bottle in a single endeavour if you please, use to micro-dose, or perhaps somewhere in between. Whatever your decision, trust that with Hofmann’s, you’re getting the safest and best quality, pure LSD-25 as possible.