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This is not a one size fits all question! This depends a lot on your experience level, and tolerance. If you have little to no experience with psychedelics, we recommend starting with the smallest doses and take one per day for a few days. See how you feel then increase if need be. There are so few drawbacks with microdosing psilocybin and LSD and because of this there is very little harm microdosing daily. However, we always recommend making sure you take at least a day or two off after 5 days, as well as take an extended break altogether after 12 weeks.

We always recommend Penis Envy. They’re incredibly strong. So take less than you normally would, but in our eyes they’re the best bang for buck. You feel the effects with far less of a dose and they’re only marginally more expensive (their heightened potency and difficulty in cultivating are the reasons behind this). But if you want to try something else, try to listen to which strain is calling you. Golden Teachers are always reliable. Go with the flow. As long as your set and setting are dialed, you’ll be good to go.

Set and setting refer to your Mindset and your environmental setting. Before embarking on a full psychedelic experience or hero dose journey, ask yourself, ‘Am I in a good mindset?’. If the answer is yes, move onto your environmental setting. ‘Where am i?’ and, ‘Who’s with me?’. You want to be in a safe place. Most people prefer being outdoors in nature, but it doesn’t have to be. You also want to be with people who make you feel safe. Relaxing music and a clean space will help immensely.