Why Hofmann’s LSD-25 Acid Dropper?

Hofmann’s LSD-25 is produced in a professional lab by PhD chemists. It’s diluted in water, not alcohol. Why do we love Hofmann’s LSD-25 acid dropper? Because it’s the best quality acid you can possibly do. It’s not an LSD analogue and it’s not homemade in a test kitchen by non-professionals.

With this pure LSD-25 acid liquid, you can accurately dose easily. 1 drop = 1mcg. You can also easily and accurately dose ANY product you wish, in order to enjoy your LSD dose. Whether you are looking for acid gummies, gum, candy, juice, you name it. You can be the master of how you ingest your LSD dose and get creative.

Just remember! Always dose LSD responsibly.

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